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In June, the state enacted a similar law for hotels. And where to buy Contrave July, Attorney General Jeff Sessions instructed federal officials to avoid any where to buy Contrave against gay people in hiring and access practices. In January, Trump signed an executive order banning transgender military service, but has not said whether he will reinstate that ban for transgender people who live in the military, or whether he's thinking of doing it at where to buy Contrave.

California's new law has provoked the legal debate between business and employees on one side, and lawmakers and residents protesting for equal rights on the other side.

At issue is whether religious employers of all kinds -- not just religious ones -- will be allowed to refuse service to someone based on gender identity. What will where to buy Contrave the implications to the nation if the Supreme Court reverses its 2015 ruling that California's law is constitutional.

California can continue to protect religious freedom for businesses to discriminate on the basis of gender identity, but this can only make it harder to ensure equal rights for the LGBT community.

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